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Christian Chat

Christforums provides an online space for the Christian fellowship community, where enthusiastic religious individuals can participate in a Christian chat. According to John Calvin, Jesus Christ gave us the command to love one another, and that’s our community’s foundation, along with the benefits that advent from debating the Word of God.

Discovering God

Our forum’s members and staff all share the same desire to chat online and worship our Creator and Redeemer. We act upon our commitment to God, by acknowledging and demonstrating His love and Jesus Christ’s message of deliverance, to a society beset with sin.

Our community is constantly growing spiritually since we keep inspiring each other to obey, embrace, and apply God’s laws and teachings into our daily personal lives. Upon joining our community, you will feel our love and insight, allowing you to cultivate a more spiritual connection to God.

What does Christianity mean to you?

We believe that every Christian should be able to defend his own beliefs against lies and defamatory attacks. For that to happen, every Christian should know and embrace his own religious values. Ask yourself what you believe in and why, because knowing the answer to both those questions will make you more aware of your morality and path in life.

Once you have become aware of your faith, you must study the Bible and the Word of God, and only then are you ready to share your beliefs with others. Our mission is to provide you with a platform for doing so, promoting unity, community, and love between fellow Christians.

Chat with fellow Christians

Our forum provides you with a safe space where you can initiate a Christian chat. Our staff continuously monitors our forums to ensure that everyone obliges to our rules and remains respectful towards others. It is our utmost intent that you can feel the community’s love and participate in productive debates.

For us, having a respectful discussion is crucial, and even when someone is incorrect, we must humbly and respectfully point it out to them. We are strong advocates of the positive effects that healthy religious debates can bring upon us. The input from others can teach us quite a lot and may even change our point of view on certain topics.

What role do churches play in religion?

Jesus Christ is responsible for establishing His own church, as well as others, in order to gather His people in them. In a Church resides the means to perfect Christ’s followers: the ministry of the Word; the sacraments of baptism; the Lord’s Supper; and the disciplining of adherents found delinquent in doctrine.

Although Christforums is not a Church, we want you to feel a connection to God when you visit our online space. Our community’s posts can educate and enlighten you even more, while also allowing you to establish healthy relationships with other Christians, who share the same beliefs as you. Register now for free and start your first Christian chat!