Cemetery Monuments

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Cemetery Monuments

Things to Look For in Cemetery Monuments

Cemetery monuments come in different shapes and sizes. These things depend on the client's preference, although the cemetery can decide on certain things like the standard size they accept for the headstones.

Given that the cemetery approves, Evans Monuments lets the clients choose the size they want for the monument. What are the other factors to consider when choosing a headstone for your departed loved one?

Knowing the Different Types of Headstones

Headstones come in three main types: the upright, flat, and kerbed. Most of our previous projects are upright headstones since they are also the traditional and most popular type. When you visit the local Louisville cemeteries such as the Calvary Cemetery and the Cave Hill, you will see that the headstones are usually upright.

Some of our previous works can be seen in those cemeteries. Those upright headstones are usually fixed to the ground and use a foundation. In our case, we use a concrete footer as the foundation of each monument because they are stable and durable.

You might have heard of cremation memorials and cremation benches before. The former has a similarity to upright headstones but the cremation containers separated to the headstone set them apart.  We can also provide these types of headstones.

If you would take a look at our past projects, you would see that many of them are not just your typical bench design that comes with a two-piece bench or one with legs and seat. Ours is unique because they really tell a family’s story in the stone. The memorial benches are made of granite, which is not just durable but also elegant.

Choosing the Right Material for the Headstone

Back then, people only used slate for making the headstone. Now a range of materials is readily available for making headstones. Traditional monuments can be made of different kinds of stones, such as granite, marble, and limestone.

Stone is the most popular material for making monuments mainly because it is sturdy enough to last forever. Still, the sturdiness varies per material. Among all types of stones, granite is a leading choice because it withstands any kind of weather.  Not only granite is durable. It is also affordable and looks as decent as other materials like bronze.

Other Things to Consider When looking for Monument Design Services

Aside from the company's professional experience in designing the monument, they also need to have the right equipment and resources to install monuments and civic memorials of any size. Cemeteries have certain requirements and the company should be aware of that before working on a project.

As a company installing monuments all across the United States, we already know all the things involved in putting up one. Aside from ensuring that all the customer's specifications have been met, we also consider the cemetery's requirements.

You may view our gallery of work by exploring our website, or if you are interested in our services, give us a call at 502-458-1400. Evans Monument provides not just cemetery monuments but also cremation and funeral plans throughout the country.

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